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The sole purpose of this site is to participate in the cultural life concerning wine. If you know any stories, anecdotes and legends related to wine that are not (yet) on this site, I would be happy to hear from you and perhaps accept your contributions. My requirements are as follows:

* Each story must be based on reality. A story must have actually happened and at least some witnesses must be able to describe it. Legends or mythological stories should be documented or at least known and shared by the specialists of the genre. Any invented story, as seductive as they may be, have no place on this site (other sites exist for them). Similarly, personal anecdotes such as "the adventures of grandpa who makes his own wine in the garage for personal consumption" have limited universal interest. Such anecdotes do not fit in the framework of this site, even if the wine produced is excellent.

* I reserve the right to change the submitted texts if I find errors in typing, spelling or meaning. In addition, the content of each story will be checked and validated by various means (including books, wine professionals and the Internet)

* This web site is managed and stories are published in my free time. It is unlikely that a story submitted on Monday will be published on Tuesday. Texts will be published on a "first in - first out" basis.

* I do not pay any contributor if his/her text or information is published. However, I agree to place a link to the site of his/her choice.

You can also write to me without making a submission ;-) Please feel free to send me your comments or criticisms or to warn me if you find an error.

About the newsletter

As its name suggests, this newsletter is to inform you when a new story is added to the site. Registration and deregistration must be made directly on the site. Please be aware that the contact list is for my use only, and is not shared with anyone.
I have never asked a recipient from the list to buy anything. In addition, I respect the personal privacy of those who contact me on the site - I do not ask anyone to tell me who he/she is and what he/she does when he/she expresses his/her wish to be kept updated of new stories on the site. do not sell wine or other items or services.