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This site was born from a simple observation: wine adds pleasure and richness to our lives both in terms of its taste and in the discussion that follows (or precedes) drinking it. These are two inseparable aspects of wine and any amateur is looking for both, the first being an initiator of the second.... and vice versa! We can safely say that the pleasure of wine is not only related to the contents of the bottle but is also related to the shared experience of tasting and to the perceptions and emotions that such tasting arouses. Indeed, the pleasure of drinking wine is multiplied with the excitement of living "something" together. There is also an element of curiosity when a glass of wine is sufficiently enjoyable. We wish to learn more about it. We want to know it better and to appreciate and understand it better. We talk about grape variety, terroir, farming practices, and winemaking. All of these are a means of sharing, with befitting humility, the work of the winemaker, of living by proxy the birth and aging of the wine, and of extending a moment of pleasure. This moment that we wish to prolong.... The time to tell a story for example. It could be to tell a legend or an anecdote about a wine, its appellation, or its vineyard. Such moments could complete our enjoyment and make us smile or laugh one last time. It is these stories that this site offers. Stories of wines...

Since I have been interested in this subject, I have been struck by the number of anecdotes or funny stories that populate the world of wine. I love discovering and sharing these stories. In my opinion, tasting a wine without talking about it and telling all the stories related to it, is to lose some of the magic in the glass. This site allows me to express my passion for wine and stories. But first, where do these stories come from? To begin with, every story is true. I have neither invented anything nor have I removed or added anything to distort the original story. The sources of the stories are various: Many stories have come directly from the mouth of a winemaker or a knowledgeable professional. An abundance of stories have been found in books. At the end of each story, I have indicated the references or books used to write it or to deepen its content. Finally, the Internet has provided easy access to foreign stories and has allowed me to check out various details. Every story has been validated which has necessitated a long search to re-assure myself that the story is indeed true, i.e. that the story is factual or has been attested by the existence of legends known by a large population. Finally, all the stories have been adapted and written "my way", as if I were telling them to a captive audience. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

One final note before concluding. This site aims to modestly contribute to the cultural life concerning wine. When you read it, I hope you will understand the enormous richness of the world of wine. It seems to me that one can draw a parallel between these stories and the wine itself. The fullness of a wine comes not only from its many aromatic and tactile expressions but also from enthusiastic and hard-working winemakers who respect their terroir and follow their own philosophy of wine-making to give a unique and incomparable product. It is then up to everyone to choose and to love (or not) a wine in the same way as we love (or not) a story. In its own way, (no 's' at the end of wine ?) campaigns to protect differences and fight against the standardization of wine. Variety is an asset: in the same way as a  new story might surprise you, a wine that you do not suspect to exist may be waiting somewhere to charm you. Rejoice today at the thought of this "meeting"... and extend the pleasure of the moment by mentioning the story that goes with it


Sylvain Richet, Aix-en-Provence