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Tears of Christ
Lacrima Christi (literally "tears of Christ") is a famous wine from Vesuvius - the terrible volcano that destroyed Pompeii in the Naples area of Italy. This wine, which was already popular in Roman times for its full-bodied character, is extracted from grapes grown on the slopes of the volcano. Due to its evocative name, Lacrima Christi has inspired many religious legends - or is it that the religious legends try to justify the wine?
One of the most famous legends relates that when Lucifer was cast out of Paradise, he arrived in Naples. He was in a terrible rage and consequently set about corrupting the ordinary, honest people. Christ watched this decay from Vesuvius and began to cry. Wherever Christ's tears touched the lava, a vine began to grow. Another version of this legend says that when Jesus ascended into Heaven, he turned around and, amazed by the beauty of the Bay of Naples behind him, he began to weep. Again, his tears fell on Vesuvius and gave birth to the vine.
Lacrima Christi wines are probably the first ones to combine wine and marketing with such success. With such a name, it is hard for it not to incite the curiosity and attention of tourists. Unfortunately, this wine is generally more suitable to be drunk in hell than in paradise! Local growers appear to rely more on the label and not on the wine itself to sell their product. Be aware that if you buy this wine, it may be your turn to cry!