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The wine of the wedding night


Somlo is a region located in the northwest part of Hungary, at the foot of an extinct volcano. It produces white wines of excellent quality, comparable to the famous Tokaj. The Juhfark, an indigenous variety of grape that is not found elsewhere, helped make these wines famous and give them an identity. But, this was not sufficient for these wines to take their place among the greats. A wine needs stories to exist. And, Somlo wines do not lack any. These stories cover all subjects from the cure for everything to the drink used to preserve royal dynasties.


One of these stories tells us that until the mid-18th century Somlo wines were considered to be a drug capable of curing all kinds of diseases. They are credited with up to 18 different properties! We will not detail the various diseases treated in this article. Let us just remember that everything between the throat and the bladder was well maintained and regulated by these wines. They are mentioned many times in old Hungarian medicinal manuals. Of course, in those days, there were not so many other remedies and they included only prayer and the ever effective local herbal tea. But, to consider these concentrated wines as a syrup, one must have already drunk a lot of them! 


Another story tells us that one of the most famous properties of Somlo wine was its supposed ability to improve virility, and consequently to prove to women that strong wines were pleasing. But, the manual detailing this quality does not indicate the amount of wine to drink if trying this out yourself! 


A famous legend also gives this wine the name of "Wine of the wedding night." The legend says that if the newlyweds drink Somlo during the wedding night and do not fall asleep after the last guest has left, they will likely conceive a son. The Habsburg family, an imperial family that previously reigned over several European countries, are credited with this story. More precisely, Maria Theresa of Austria ordered her son to drink this precious beverage to continue the family line.


This legend has never been validated but it has crossed the Hungarian border long since. It has also contributed more to the reputation of Somlo wines than any wine guide. It may even encourage you discover them, whether you want a son, a daughter or just a good time.


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