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The dragon of Brand


The Brand is one of the most famous Grand Crus of Alsace. It is located in the village of Turckheim between 200m and 300m above sea level. The wines from the Brand have been renowned for centuries as the saying  "Zu Türckheim in Brand wächst der beste Wein in Land" confirms. The Brand is euphemistically known as a land of fire, literally "the place of blessing by fire", due to the very long periods of sunshine that it receives. This fact gives rise to a local legend, in which an aquatic dragon emerged from the waters was surprised by the sun. 


At that time, the Rhine valley was covered by sea and only the highest hills emerged. One day, a dragon came out of the water and climbed to the top of the hill of Brand. Tired and soothed by the torpor of the place, he fell asleep. As the day wore on, the sun continued to beat down, so much so, that the heat melted its scales. Its blood began to boil and it oozed out onto the dry ground. The dragon retired to a cave but, it was too late and he died of exhaustion.


Centuries later, after the sea had receded, men planted vines on this beautiful hill. The earth, fertilized by the blood of the dragon, gave a wine of fire, with exceptional flavors and strength. If the dragon is still in a dark cave, the Brand continues to shine as one of the greatest wines of Alsace and, through them, a mythical beast prolongs his immortality. 


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