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The tea of Richelieu
Louis Armand de Vignerot du Plessis, duc de Richelieu, Marshal of France, and governor of Guyenne, was the nephew of Cardinal Richelieu. He was a great Lord in every sense of the word. Many escapades, adventures and battles are attributed to him ... all of which he won. He was also a man of taste, who had such a passion for good wine that he owned a winery in the Bordeaux area (at Moulis to be exact) which also served as a hunting lodge. Today, the ruins of the hunting lodge are adjacent to the buildings of Château Duplessis Fabre which was purchased in 1989 by the owner of Château Maucaillou.
Louis Armand du Plessis, duc de Richelieu, gave his title to his wine thanks to its "medicinal" use by King Louis XV. The latter suffered from a "languishing in the bowels" which in modern terms means the beloved King was regularly constipated. This problem made him late for meetings and it is easy to imagine the painful consequences of such daily inconvenience for the King and his entourage (for different reasons). The King was recommended to drink a glass of red Moulis at each meal and soon, as the status of the royal colon improved, the wine of Louis Armand du Plessis was nicknamed "the tea of Richelieu."
Several centuries later, science explains the reasons for the beneficial effects of the so-called "tea". The tannins contained in red wines act on the smooth fibers of the intestine muscles and increase contractions. Indeed, red wine regulates the functioning of the colon and may act in some cases as a cure for spasmodic colitis. Moreover, it is a notable fact, alcoholics are rarely constipated!
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